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How to avoid being scammed by a Taxi Driver at the Airport

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18.Dec, 2015 Comments Off on How to avoid being scammed by a Taxi Driver at the Airport Portland Maine Airport Taxi

How to avoid being scammed by a Taxi Driver at the Airport

Travelling brings you lots of experiences. And when you are in a new city, you need to make the most of those experiences to make your trip as hassle free as possible. Most tourists complain about being scammed by the taxi driver at the airport so we have a few tips you need to keep in mind when picking a Portland Maine Airport Taxi.

Negotiate on the price or an estimated cost before the ride

You must have some idea of the distance from the airport to your hotel, and so before you get into the taxi, you should ask your taxi driver how much they will charge for the trip. If the fixed amount sounds reasonable to you, then get into the taxi. Otherwise, you should just wait for another cab.

Choose an Airport Taxi Service that offers flat free rates

Most taxi scams occur because of faulty meters. To avoid being over charged because of a faulty meter, you should choose a Portland Maine airport taxi company that offers flat free rates. For example, Abbey Road Taxi of Portland offers flat free rates for out of town or airport runs.

Ask People at the Airport

If you are unsure of which taxi company to use or are unsure of how much it will cost you to reach your destination from the airport then you should ask somebody at the airport. There might be lots of local residents who might be willing to help you out, or you can just inquire about taxis at the transport service booth at the airport.

Keep Small Bills

On of the most common taxi driver scams are when drivers tell you they don’t have change. Taxi drivers know how to fold money in a way that it looks more than it is. Always count your change as soon as you receive it and make sure you keep smaller currency bills with you. It is always safer to pay the exact amount (and a small tip), but you don’t want the drivers to take their own tips from a large bill, do you?

Don’t pay the taxi driver until you remove your baggage from the cab

If you have put your luggage in the trunk of a Portland Maine airport taxi, then you need to make sure the driver has removed your entire luggage from the trunk before you pay the fare for the ride. Dishonest taxi drivers can sometimes drive away with your luggage.

Choose a well reputed Airport Taxi Company

To reduce your chances of being scammed by a taxi driver, it is safe to hire a taxi from a well reputed taxi company, like the Abbey Road Taxi of Portland. This is because they have good customer service and in case of any bad experiences, you can just call and report it to the company. Taxi drivers working for a good company are less likely to be dishonest.